Rima Aziziyeh

Associate Director

Rima brings over 15 years of expertise in health economics and outcomes research, along with evidence generation across a wide range of therapeutic areas, primarily focusing on oncology, hematology, bone health, cardiology, immunology, inflammation, and nephrology. She has spearheaded the development and execution of global submissions for Health Technology Assessments (HTA), supporting product reimbursement and market access across various countries, from those with established HTA systems like Canada and Latin America to those with a more decentralized approach like the USA. Additionally, Rima has been instrumental in crafting evidence-based strategies for healthcare innovations. Her leadership in designing and conducting HEOR-related studies, including observational and burden of illness studies, as well as economic evaluations, has been pivotal in driving innovation and informing decision-making to enhance patient outcomes and optimize healthcare resource allocation.

Interests/hobbies: yoga, piano, and outdoor activities.